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Tube collages  Sheet music & Gmara 

Original works covered with a Methacrylate box. Collage work with inlay of tubes  and gold leaf. Partition or Page of Talmud.

Originals and unique; Collages and tubes with gold paper with a box in plexiglass on. Possible with Gmara from the Talmud or with old music partition. 

Collages& tubes Formats panoramiques

Collages & Tubes / Numbered Works

Collages & Tubes / Square format

This composition is an arrangement of symbols, we are at the age of images, we confide in our photos, our smileys, our avatars and our minds stick to them to translate as quickly as possible the symbolism that underlies them.
If the work expresses itself beyond time and space, it ensures its fidelity to the present.
The harmony of the materials and the grain of the colors serve as a breadcrumb trail of thought and not as a pragmatic concession to the work of art.
The tube serves the verb of symbolism which is essential, universal and knows neither members nor inequalities.

Collages & Tubes/ Format rectangulaire, panoramiqu

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