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Self-taught of French origin, fiercely free, ELSE paints the sensitive world; his work guarantees a vision that is not the representation of visual reality but one that speaks to the sensitivity of our souls.

Its color palettes subtly convey the arrangement of the layers of the human soul without ever breaking through its mystery.

Musician at heart, it seems that music has a great influence both on the chromatic palette but also on the structure of some of her paintings arranged like scores.

Indeed ELSE seems to be inspired a lot by its sensations, visual and acoustic, to give a free and resolutely modern interior vision. 

Kandinsky wrote " Think of the musical part that color will henceforth take in modern painting; color which is vibration, just as music is able to achieve what is more general and therefore more vague in painting. nature: his inner strength.  "

It seems that the artist ELSE understood all its meaning.

These canvases dominate hope, vitality, life force, 

His work constantly solicits and questions what each of us seeks to understand. ELSE's canvases have illuminated more than a hundred exhibitions from Paris to New York via Beijing.


- Video retracing the 20 years of Else's career.
- Else in her current world of Tel aviv.
- Panoramic tour of Else Galerie - Tel aviv 

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